Episode Guide:

This isn't a basic episode summary page. This is where I'm putting all my observations about the symbolism used in the episodes, as well as speculation on the history of Glie, and so forth.

There are a lot of spoilers in these.

If you haven't watched yet, stay out!

Episode 00
A short preview of the series.

Episode 01
Cocoon - Dream of Falling from the Sky - Old Home

Episode 02
Town and Wall - Tooga - Haibane Renmei

Episode 03
Temple - Washi - Pancake

Episode 04
Garbage Day - Clock Tower - Birds Flying over the Wall

Episode 05
Library - Abandoned Factory - The Beginning of the World

Episode 06
The End of Summer - Rain - Loss
Episode 07
Scar - Sickness - The Arrival of Winter
Episode 08
Episode 09
Well - Rebirth - Riddle
Episode 10
Kuramori - Haibane of the Abandoned Factory - Rakka's Work
Episode 11
Parting - Darkness in the Heart - Irreplaceable Thing
Episode 12
Bell Nuts - Passing of the Year Festival - Reconciliation
Episode 13
Reki's World - A Prayer - Epilogue
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