Standard Opening

Light shining through water.

Something falls from the sky, leaving a trail of sparks behind it.

A city stretches out below. Zoom in on the city.

Reki greets Hikari, who's waiting at Reki's scooter. They look up to see the trail across the sky.

Kana, sitting on her bike, looks to the sky.

Kuu is lying on hill, and sits up. Jumping up happily, she runs off with her arms stretched out.

Nemu sits on the verandah having tea, and looks up.

The courtyard of Old Home.

Rakka floats in water, surrounded by bubbles and feathers.

Reki and Hikari riding the scooter.

Kana directing the lifting of a large gear.

Kuu playing with the kids.

Nemu sleeping in the library.

Reki, Kana, Kuu, Nemu and Hikari gathered in the guest room.

A dusty room where something falls through the window and to the floor. Zoom in to see a cocoon sprout.

Title screen.

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