February 2003

Feb 26, 2003

I put up the detailed summary of episode 4, again no screenshots yet. I probably won't get anything more up until this weekend. I'll be adding scans from the third DVD and the image album if my order shows up.

Feb 25, 2003

I put up the detailed summary of episode 2 and 3, but no screenshots yet. I'll either be working on the episode 4, etc summaries or on the series review next, whichever strikes my fancy.

Feb 24, 2003

I decided to go ahead with the first-pass analysis at episode 1. It really isn't that detailed yet, but it is a sampling of what I'm planning to do with the episode suammry section. I expect to expand up on it and the basic symbolism page quite a bit after I get the basics taken care of.

Feb 23, 2003

I got the episode 1 detailed summary up, along with the screenshots for it. I'm noticing I'm having a definite tendency to over do the screenshots. Later episodes will focus them on the points I'm highlighting in the analysis section, but I'll still try to keep it from getting completely out of hand.
Screenshots take a fair bit of time, too, even with batch converts. I'll probably end up doing the rest of the detailed summaries and then take another pass for the analysis before getting back to the screenshots. Although, now that I think about it I'll probably do a first-pass analysis for episode 1 before I get to the other summaries. Might as well have a sample of what I'm going to be doing up.

Feb 22, 2003

Added some links to reviews. Not many out yet, of course.
I'm working on the episode 1 page right now, as well as a spoiler-free series review. I also picked up a scanner today, and spent rather too much time getting images and updating the merchandise pages. Still have a bit more to do with those.

Feb 18, 2003

Finished up the DVD pages. That does it for the merchandise until AMO Tokyo ships my next order or I get to a scanner (whichever comes first). Up next will be the episode 1 detailed summary.

Feb 17, 2003

Some of the merchandise pages are updated. Pretty much everything except the DVDs are done. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner at present, so the images I'm able to offer are currently limited. I should have access to one soon, however, at which point I'll update the section.

Feb 16, 2003

Okay, some more updates. I've added a few images around the site, which is what took so long. I was trying to get some decent image caps from the DVDs and it took me far longer than I had expected. Most of the programs I tried insisted on changing it from a 16:9 to a 4:3 aspect ratio for some unknown reason, which rather disturbed the effect of the art.
I've added the basic character pages, and a more detailed description on Episode 00. I'll be working on the merchandise section and doing more detailed episode guide entries this week.

Feb 11, 2003

I've done a little updating and added a basic page about the symbolism in use during the series. I'll be going into a lot more depth on those when I get a chance and as I go through the episodes.
I should have the basic character pages up this weekend. I need to get some good image captures from the DVDs for them, and I probably won't have time to work on it before then. After that I'll probably go thorough the merchandise in more detail before moving on for detailed episode summaries.

Feb 09, 2003

Welcome to my Haibane Renmei fan page. Things are going to be a little sparse for a while, but I'll keep updating until it's done. Right now it's mostly the merchandise and links that have anything. I'm working on getting the basics up, and then going into more detail on everything. Next will probably be basic character information and spoilerific episode summaries. Then I'll go into more detail on everything.

There are going to be a fair amount of spoilers on the page, so if you haven't seen the show you probably shouldn't dig around too much. A large part of the reason I'm starting this page is to cover (and hopefully discuss) the symbolism used in the show. I'm hoping for input from others to add, since I'm definitely not an expert on Eastern religions, so I'll probably be getting some things wrong.

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