Episode 00:

Promotional DVD

Short Summary:
Images of Reki smoking and Rakka falling from the sky. Images of a cocoon hatching and the other Haibane. Rakka growing her wings and having a bad hair day. Rakka walking amongst stone monuments to find a burned out halo.

Detailed Summary:
A spinning halo mold to the sounds of a clock and an egg timer. The egg timer chimes, and the mold stops spinning, popping open in a puff of steam.

A dark haired woman with wings smoking.

A bowl of bloody water and a brush, with a lighter and cigarettes nearby.

A girl with wings lying on her stomach in bed.

Title screen.

Close-up of a cocoon cracking.

A girl peacefully falling from the sky, leaving a vapor trail. A crow's wing. The girl opens her eyes and rolls over. She breaks through the clouds to see a large town spread below her.

The cocoon cracking.

A home-video style shot of five women with wings and halos.

Blood splatters on the screen. A girl grows her wings.

A full moon.

The cocoon broken open.

A halo causing a bad hair day.

Stone ruins. A close-up of a pile of feathers on a stone. A winged girl in a school uniform walks among the ruins. Brushing the feathers away, she picks up a burned out halo.

A montage of images.

The girl in the uniform surrounded by feathers which float up into the sky. Slow pan to show the city.

The girl in the uniform inside, looking through a halo. She pulls down on it, but it bounces up and she is tossed backwards. Straightening her clothes, she asks:
? ("Hane, haeteru?" which has been translated as "Got wings?".)

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