Basic Info

The Haibane Renmei is an apparently religious group that protects the haibane. The only one allowed to speak is Washi, the spokesman. They mostly tend the temple.


Little is known about the Renmei, except that they aren't allowed to talk at all. They communicate amongst themselves using sign language. Their exact role in the town is unknown, and we don't really ever see them do anything other than some care taking at the temple.
It's basically impossible to judge their ages, since they're almost completely hidden by their clothes and masks. They are certainly adults, but it can't really be narrowed down any further than that.


The main thing about the Renmei we get from the show is that Renmei members are all haibane who have failed their trials and therefor could not leave the city. The most we ever see of them at once is three, including Washi, so it could be fairly rare for a haibane to fail. Also from Washi's comments, they age and die like normal people.

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