Complete Set

This is a reduced price complete set that was released early in 2007.  Unlike the earlier 5 disc set, this one has been re-encoded and is only three discs total.  The cover art is a mix of art from the original covers and other images.

The cover of the set itself features a new image of Rakka near the windmills, while the back is the spoileriffic image of Reki sleeping from the wallpapers.  The box itself is a simple affair of clear and black plastic, holding the discs and an insert with the cover art.

The first disc contains the first four episodes.  One side has the cover art from Cog 01.  The other side is the image of Reki above, seen through the clear plastic back of the case.

The silkscreen on the first disc is from the Cog 00 cover art.  There are no on-disc extras at all, not even next episode previews.

The second disc contains episodes five through eight.  This cover uses the cover art from Cog 02 and Cog 03.

The silkscreen on the second disc uses art from the artbook, one of my favorite pieces from the series.  As with the first disc, there are no on-disc extras.

The final disc contains episodes nine through thirteen.  It uses Reki's painting of Kuramori on the front, and the image of the girls sleeping in a circle on the back.

The silkscreen on the final disc uses the cover of the artbook.  This is where all the extras ended up.  It has the same video montage on the other sets, as well as creditless opening and closing.  It also includes the 3D CG next episode previews from the original set.  There are also about 56 black and white production sketches of the characters, props, and scenery.

This set also included a couple extras.  One is a simple card, with the box art on one side and the other side being blank.

It also includes a small booklet.  Unlike the Haibane Hakusho inlcuded with the earlier R2 DVDs, this is only about thirteen pages total.  It contains about the same information as the booklet included in the US release, although they aren't an exact match.

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