Cog 5

This DVD covers the last three episodes; eleven, twelve and thirteen. Another clear Amray, the line art is a version of the cover art as always. The DVD art is from a full color page in the third doujin, Reki standing behind a sitting Rakka. They've included the last of the alternate openings and closings.

Included is a postcard of a rather scary-looking Midori (drawn by Samura Hiroaki). There is, of course, another Haibane Hakusho, this one featuring a wonderful treat in the form of a four page interview with yoshitoshi ABe. The Haibane Topics section covers the year-passing festival, and Reki is the featured character. There's another Haibane Culture School as well.

The on disc extras include thirteen line drawings, 10 full color backgrounds from the last few episodes, and a special ending montage. There's also a clip titled "Hikariemon", which is a video of all the little Hikari bits that were aired after the credits of the show.

Continuing the Reki theme, the character card included with the first pressing is of Reki. That is certainly not the end of the first pressing extras, however. Bundled with the DVD is a Haibane Handbook, a nice little clothbound book with pockets for all the character cards. Also inside the book are another three postcards.

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