Cog 4

This DVD covers episodes eight, nine and ten. Another clear Amray, the line art is a version of the cover art as always. The art on the DVD for this one is from the fourth doujin cover, of Reki standing in front of some trees. The alternate openings and endings are again included.

Included is a postcard of Kuu, only she doesn't look quite like she does in the series. She looks a little more grown up, and shouldn't be mistaken for a boy at all. Another Haibane Hakusho, of course. This one has some information about the Haibane Renmei, as well as Rakka's job. There's also an interview with Takahiro Omori, assistant director. Another Haibane Culture School lesson, this one in sign language, as well as character sketches and information on Kuramori and Nemu.

On disc extras include the usual line art, this time 36 of them. There's a commercial for the DVD release again. There's also some rather amusing looking shorts in the CGI style of the next episode previews.

The first pressing came with a card for Nemu. The main extra here is another data CD. It includes more of the 3D character fun that was on the first DVD's extra. They also include another set of wallpapers. The earlier engrish problem is still evident, but this time they're pretty much all easy to remove (ie. not in the actual artwork). These are available in the downloads section.

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