Cog 02

This DVD covers episodes two, three and four. Another clear Amray, the inner art on this is a white-on-green closeup linedrawing of Hikari and Kana from the cover. Silkscreened onto the DVD is Rakka, from the second doujin cover.

Included is an image of Reki, titled "Reki in her dream", as well as the second Haibane Hakusho (six pages). This one includes an interview with Shinji Katahira. Also inside is a page of Haibane Topics, the second Haibane Culture School, and character sketches and information for Kana and Hikari. The on disc extras are a creditless end, almost 90 line drawings, and another series commercial.

The first pressing came with a Kana card. There was also the contest postcard, and a little clear halo (with instructions). The main extra of the first pressing was the box, which is a nice, sturdy cardboard covered with ABe's art. It shows the Old Home haibane walking out of Old Home.

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