Wings of Sorrow

This DVD includes episodes five through seven. The cover art is the same as the third Japanese disc. They're packaged in the same clear cases as last time, showing the same white-on-green line art on the inside of the cover. The disc silkscreen is a black-on-green version of this same image, which still isn't as good as the doujinshi images on the R2 DVDs.
I will warn everyone, although it's probably too late, that the cover blurb definitely has spoilers in it.

Included with the limited edition is a pencil board. This one has the cover art on one side, and a montage of the haibane wearing raincoats on the back. This is the same image as one of the wallpapers that were on the R2 extra CDs.
Now we come to the big dissapointment of this release, which is that there was no Haibane Hakusho included. Pioneer is famous for their packaging errors on limited edition things, but the Hakusho shouldn't be limited. Unless I hear otherwise, I'm going to have to assume that Pioneer stopped translating them for some reason, probably cost.

A small booklet is included which lists the chapter stops. The front of it is the cover art again, while the inside is the same as the second image on the pencil board.

The image and sound quality are the same as last time, so I won't bother repeating all that. Even the menus are pretty much the same, although this time it's Song of Dream, Words of Bubble playing on the main screen.

On disc extras include a creditless ending and an art gallery. There are also next episode previews for episodes six through eight. Again, they're the clips and voiceover, not the original 3D CGI ones.

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