BluRay remaster Set

This set is a BluRay release, with remastered video, that came out in July of 2010.  It contains the full series, a disc of extras, and a pair of soundtracks.

The cover of the set itself features black and white sketches on either side, one a cocoon, the other an external view of Old Home.  The box itself is a heavy duty chipboard box with a heavily textured white exterior.

The case holding the discs is a three panel fold-out case.  The back side has the content listing for all the discs, as well as a couple piece of art.  One is the familiar group shot that was used on the wallscroll.  The other is a new picture of Rakka on the bridge in front of Old Home.

The silkscreen on the first disc is from the Cog 01 cover art.  There are no on-disc extras at all, not even next episode previews.  It contains the first five episodes.

The silkscreen on the second disc uses the cover art from Cog 02, and like the first, has no extras.  It contains episdoes six through nine.

The silkscreen on the third disc uses the cover art from Cog 05.  This disc includes no extras, and contains episodes ten through thirteen.

The silkscreen on the fourth disc is the same art used on the Cog 03 DVD.  This is where all the extras are.  The disc itself is named Haneko - ハネノコ
It has the usual things like textless openings and endings and commercials, including the revised audio version of the Cog 00 promo and the Hane Haeterun? bit. It also includes the Hikariemon segments and the original next episode previews. There's also a collection of color sketches for characters, items, and locations. The big thing is an hour long commentary by ABe and Ueda about the series while showing series sketches.

The fifth disc is a CD, and the silkscreen on it is the same as is used on the OST.  With good reason, since this is exactly the same as the earlier Hanenone release.

This final disc is another CD.  The silkscreen on this one is a pair of images from Reki's sketchbook.  This one is labeled Puchinone.  The artwork is different, but the content is the same as was on the earlier CD inccluded with Cog 03 as a limited extra.

It also includes a small booklet.  It's slightly more substantion that the booklet that was included in the Japanese complete DVD set or the US releases, but is still a compiliation of material from the original Haibane Hakusho booklets.  The only new content is a short commentary about the BluRay release and the upscaling, writen by Ueda.

This leaves one last topic, which is the quality of the upconversion.  I'm far from an expert on this, so I'll refrain from saying much.  See the discussion thread in the forum for some discussion of this.

Here are some screencaps by NeoQuixotic to let you sample the difference for yourself.  Click on the image for full resolution screen shots.


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