Haibane Renmei Gashuu
Guri no Machi, Haibane no Niwade
(In the Town of Guri, in the Garden of Charcoal Feathers)

(Note: the cover art could be considered a minor spoiler)

This artbook was released around Christmas, 2003 in Japan. It's about 80 pages, and the book itself is slightly larger than the A4 bed on my scanner. Print and paper quality seems good to me, but I'm not really the right one to judge it.

Most of the included artwork has already been released in various forms, including some of the wallpapers from the R2 limited extras. There's also a number of production sketches, as well as new artwork and a fair bit of text (which is being translated on the forums).

ISBN 4-04-853654-0
2400 Yen

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