Haibane Renmei is a story created by yoshitoshi ABe. The first artwork related to this series appeared in his US released artbook "Essence: The Art of Yoshitoshi ABe". Information and images from the show and the doujins are being used here without express permission.
What is Haibane Renmei about? It's about impossible to describe without giving major spoilers. Hence this page. It starts off with the feel of a slice of life story, and in the end it's a story of rebirth and forgiveness.

The title is from episode 5. Sekai no Hajimari (Beginning of the World) is the title of a book Nemu and Sumiko found some time before the series starts. However, it's too beaten up to be read, and eventually gets thrown out. The two of them like to make up continuations for the book.

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