First, check out Tater's How to Make Haibane Wings page (off-site link) for wing-making tips.

You can also check out Evenstar for a Haibane Renmei cosplayer.

There's also a page for a Haibane Renmei group that was at A-Kon 2003.

You can see an image of my not-so-good Mark 0 Haibane Wings here. I learned a lot of things not to do, and I'm working on my Mark 1 set now. After I get those finished, I'll be putting up my own wing-making guide.

A reader, Apest, has sent a link to this blog post (in Italian), where they talk about creating some Haibane cosplay costumes, as well as this Flickr gallery.

The Twilight in Efeion blog has some information on his Communicator costume.

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