August 2005

August 07, 2005

A couple of number of links have been updated, and I've added some review links, mostly for the European release.

Added a link to Piro's doujinshi/omake, Circuity in the fanfic section.

Several updates to the merchandise section. I've added a picture of the upcoming complete boxset for R1, which uses the R2 box art but has large text layered over it (unless this is just a placeholder image instead of the release art).
I've also added extremely basic info on the R2 Europe release of the series. I've also done a minor FAQ update to cover this.

Although not Haibane Renmei news, there is a new yoshitoshi ABe artbook coming out for Serial Experiments: Lain. The Japanese release will be this month, but it's been licensed for a translated US release by Digital Manga Publishing, to be out in May 2006. It's an updated version of the previous arbook, "An Omnipresence in Wired".
Digital Manga Publishing is the same company releasing the english version of Range Murata's Robot, which includes a section by ABe. Volume 1 is out this month, with volume two coming out May 2006.

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